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My partner and I have reasonable kink experience and this was our first trip to a dungeon, little did I know how junior we both were.

The place is so well equipped we spent a long time simply marvelling at the options, extremely well equipped, location was great and very discreet, can tell the owner is passionate about what they do. Was informative without being intrusive and left us both feeling excited and comfortable, 10/10 will definitely return.

Visited along with a lady who was just starting out so had no experience or even toys. So we booked here so we could try a number of different elements of BDSM. Everything we needed was there and had no problems in finding the place or with the facilities.

My partner and I visited the Pain Palace for a few hours, and as someone who has been to a number of dungeons before I was impressed with how well equipped it is! It has a lot of kink furniture while still feeling spacious, as well as a lot of useful practical facilities such as a shower and small lounge area. The person who greeted us was very friendly and informative while not being intrusive at all, and made us feel very at ease. We will definitely visit again!