Pain Palace

Open day confinement and restraints experience with optional interrogation.

Spend a couple of hours up to a whole day under the guard of Miss Kitty Bliss.

You will be left in a variety of cages, strapped up, cuffed, chained, put in a cell, wrapped or simply tied until Miss Kitty attends to her rounds... she has a multitude of ways of dealing with wayward inmates!

Minimum 2 hour booking at just £60 per hour

Plus the option of a half day booking at £200 or full day booking at £350

Optional interrogation time £100  

Also option of overnight stay by prior arrangement.

As stated this event is primarily confinement, bondage and restraint based, other activities are not guaranteed and the optional interrogation is a small designated element to your day.

There may be other inmates / captives present during your incarceration but you are not expected to interact (unless otherwise stated).

Apply here

All cage and activity transfers will be blindfolded to avoid visual contact with other inmates (unless all parties consenting to no blindfolds).


12PM – 8PM

Fri 15th June

Tues 7th August

Weds 10th October

​Mon 3rd December