Stream Your Sessions • Make More Money

It is now possible to stream live from The Pain Palace, providing paying viewers with 3 camera angles. This gives YOU the opportunity to earn extra income from sessions. We provide every thing you need equipment, payment processing and set up and you will receive 70% of all revenue. If you want to learn more please contact

Please note: There are NO cameras fitted in any interior parts of the Painpalace they are brought in for live streaming events only

We've been at it again, working to help you make the most of your sessions at The Pain Palace!

We now have the equipment and infrastructure to let you **LIVE STREAM** your sessions and photo shoots, giving you even more income! Choose up to three cameras with various viewpoints, depending on what you're planning.

## But that's not all!

* Record your live streams so you can use them for your fan or clip sites. Using 3 cams for a 2 hour session would give you 6 hours of HD video.
* Have a monitor in the Studio, letting you make sure the cameras are positioned just where you want them.


Why live stream?

its all about the voyeurs. Clip sales and fan sites are driven by people wanting to know what its like to session with You and live streams take it to the max, letting all those dirty pervs become a fly on Your wall.

Considering that people still watch Big Brother - which is making another comeback this year - we feel its the right time to give people something more interesting than people sleeping to watch!

You can set your own price and we'll handle all the payments and broadcast. You take away **70% of the earnings**.

Interested? Get in touch and get all the details!